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Tag Archives: sanding

Guest Workers

Here you see the gritty grin of a person sanding beautiful wood. Cherry, at this moment. Every piece of wood you are about to see came from a tree. I say this because it has never been so real to me before. Such a simple idea, yet so much work! Trees are not smooth, nor […]


Water Hole

One of last big changes for the Church is to have running water inside. Yes. This beautiful old church has never had indoor plumbing, in all the 135 years of services, weddings, ¬†Christmases, funerals, and even during the recent Reign of Raccoons. So in December of 2014, we started excavating the stage in the front […]


Floored Part II

Last week in our exciting episode of “Let’s Renovate an Old Church in Our Spare Time” we left halfway done with the floors. So what was it like to go back at it the following weekend? It was awesome. It was like getting back on the horse, after you had fallen and broken all the […]