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Tag Archives: Picard Builders

Men at Work!

February has fled, leaving nothing but cold and snow in its wake. March is here, bringing cold air and snow. What the what? But that doesn’t slow down progress at the White Church Gallery. As predicted, weekend events back home prevented my journey to the Church, but apparently my awesome husband anointed himself court photographer […]


With A Little Help From Our Friends…

That’s how we get by! As we were ready to get started on round two of “bringing down the walls…” we had company arrive. John and Chummy were the first to show up! Don’t let the white hair fool you. These two are stronger than oxen on steroids! For real! Polish oxen! Next thing you […]



The roof is complete! The expanse of roofing tiles is glorious, and it defies raindrops to do their worst. Well, not their worst- I’m sure they could find a way in during a lake storm, but barring a hurricane I think we’re good to go! In case we’ve forgotten, we’d better do some before and […]