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So…we left the story before the LAST PAGE was read!! So close, but just not done yet! Read on, to the conclusion of this epistle! Aside: a care package came in the mail. It was labelled “cure for the midwinter jickers,” which technically became the spring jickers, as tenacious as the jicker was. New gloves!! […]


Men at Work!

February has fled, leaving nothing but cold and snow in its wake. March is here, bringing cold air and snow. What the what? But that doesn’t slow down progress at the White Church Gallery. As predicted, weekend events back home prevented my journey to the Church, but apparently my awesome husband anointed himself court photographer […]


Big Jobs in Small Places

It’s time to address the ceiling of the Church. Like any self-respecting church, it has a high ceiling made of wood and hard to reach. It’s old, stained, and has been the home of many a spider and fly over the years. So our ¬†initial job is to prime it with Kilz. As its name […]