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Big Jobs in Small Places

It’s time to address the ceiling of the Church. Like any self-respecting church, it has a high ceiling made of wood and hard to reach. It’s old, stained, and has been the home of many a spider and fly over the years.

Dirty Ceiling!

Dirty Ceiling!

So our  initial job is to prime it with Kilz. As its name implies, Kilz will kill the stains, cover old odors and even roll over any spider nests still hanging around.

Kilz 2! Is that like Terminator 2?

Kilz 2! Is that like Terminator 2?

So let’s get to it. It’s cold outside in February, but the Geothermal heating system keeps us toasty inside.
The problem is the space. It’s kind of cramped up in the “attic.”

So far, so good...

So far, so good…

It was bound to happen.

What's bound to happen? It's just a second coat, even thought the first coat isn't quite dry...

What’s bound to happen? It’s just a second coat, even thought the first coat isn’t quite dry…

You’re bound to raise your head….

Oh...I get it.

Oh…I get it.

Premature white hair. Oh well, as long as I’m not alone!

Should I tell him? Naw...

Should I tell him? Naw…

We did manage to get some paint on the ceiling, and we were pleased with the results.



Mike went to work on the wall around the quatrefoil window. Big improvement!

Kilzzin' it!

Kilzzin’ it!

OK, enough wordplay with Kilz! Time to call it quits.

Hmm. It's better, but you can still see the cracks.

Hmm. It’s better, but you can still see the cracks.

The light was starting to dwindle, though the daylight lingered more than it did a month ago. Spring is coming. For me, spring means a lot of busy weekends either at church or school in SE Michigan, so it may be a while before I get back to this project.



But it’s never far from my heart!

Thank you, God!

Thank you, God!

– The White Church Gallery